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About Explore Communications

Explore Communications Pty Ltd was established in August 2011 to provide marketing and stakeholder communications services to organisations exploring new markets, new territories, new technologies or new ways of doing business.

Explore Communications represents your organisation’s go-to-market interests first and foremost. We provide direct services, or we can work with your existing agencies or source new partners for your organisation, in the following areas:

  • public and analyst relations;
  • brand creation and management;
  • print, video and web production;
  • web and social media marketing;
  • event management and communications;
  • market research, client and staff satisfaction programs;
  • internal communications; and
  • advertising and direct mail.

Why Explore Communications?
The name of the company was inspired by the concepts of “exploration and exploitation”, which are the two main modes in which organisations operate. Explore Communications is focused on providing communications services to assist with organisations in their “explore” mode, such as those organisations launching new programs, tackling new markets, entering new territories, implementing new technologies, or seeking new ways of doing business.

Explore Communications was founded by Martin Aungle (see LinkedIn profile here), who brings over 22 years’ marketing and corporate communications experience in the Australian ICT sector.

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