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The Skivvy

August 25, 2011

Tim Cook and Steve Jobs - from The UK's TelegraphWhile the big news of the day was the resignation of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, I’m not going to add to the millions of comments out there already. What was really interesting for me was the use of the very Australian term “skivvy” for Steve Jobs’ signature clothing – or what the Americans call a turtle neck and the British a polo neck.

I saw skivvy in the headline of an article in the Australian tech business publication Technology Spectator – ‘A skivvy for your vision’ – and it got me thinking – I couldn’t remember seeing the word used in a headline before, so I did a Google News search for ‘skivvy’. It came back with only 14 recent results (mostly about The Wiggles) but a massive 5341 related news articles (screenshot below). I’m sure only a very tiny percentage of those actually had the word appearing in the article, let alone in the headline.

What it does do is give a nice insight into just how sophisticated the algorithms are behind Google’s simple search text box, and the reach that any obscure word or phrase like ‘skivvy’ can have on the web.

In honour of Steve Jobs, anyone remember The Late Show’s Skivvies are Back?

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