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Nothing Like Australia

September 19, 2011

Line of Load

Last week I read about Tourism Australia’s new phase of its ‘Nothing Like Australia’ campaign – ‘Dream Team’. It’s a great concept for building user-generated content, and I think will be a successful campaign in what is a difficult time for the Australia tourism industry.

However, from a personal perspective, it’s a shame that it’s likely to be successful … because it has a couple of similar components to an idea that I’ve had bubbling away for some time now. I’ve had the website registered and parked for a couple of years (, and now that I’ve established my new business it’s time to build out the concept and start the process of developing the site.

In the meantime, I was happy to contribute to what I think is a great way to promote Australia as a travel destination. I submitted the photo above from a road trip we took last year to Broken Hill with the kids. This is taken on top of the huge mullock heap from the Line of Lode mine in the middle of Broken Hill. At the top, apart from the Miners’ Memorial and Visitors Centre, there’s an amazing collection of old mining machinery and equipment. We were up there near dusk, and the views and the colour of the sky were beautiful.

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