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“go down and talk to the journos”

October 7, 2011

It was great to get a write-up on my new role and venture today (“Aungle explores new business, Jassal promoted“) in Influencing, a website for Australian & New Zealand public relations and marketing communications professionals.

I was chatting to Phil Sim from Influencing yesterday for the story, and I realised that I first met him nearly 15 years ago.

I had recently joined Com Tech Communications (as Dimension Data was known back then), in a dual marketing and online development role, after a couple of years as a legal editor at the publisher Butterworths. I was only a couple of weeks into the job, and we were holding a press conference about something at our head office – which at the time was in the very industrial Sydney suburb of Alexandria, close to the airport.

I remember being told by my boss at the time, “go down and talk to the journos.” It was a bit nerve-wracking, but I think I did OK. There were about 15-20 journos and analysts there, including Phil and I think a few others who are still in the industry today. I can’t remember what the press conference was about, although Phil thought it might have been a Netscape announcement, which would be about the right timing.

What was really great about some of those early press conferences and events were the connections that I made with media and analysts. With so much PR conducted online and over the phone, these opportunities for the ‘industry’ to get together and really connect are so few and far between these days, which is a shame.

The best opportunity for the industry to get together these days is Phil’s Kickstart Forum, and it’s great to see the model that MediaConnect has developed over the years proving to be such a success.

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