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Hypersensitive to Social Media Stats

October 21, 2011

It’s interesting how things have changed now that I’ve started up my own business. In my previous role as a corporate communications manager, I’d probably get on average 200-250 emails a day and dreaded having to clear my inbox of the day’s messages. Now, I get excited each time a new email comes in (btw, it’s for anyone who wants to send me a message).

It’s the same with website statistics. Previously, I’d pore over the monthly website stats, looking for trends and areas of user interest in terms of the traffic – average times spent on a page, paths through the site, referring pages and search terms, most downloaded case studies and documents. Now, I hang on every blog post hit on; and I’m even more excited when I get a comment, or a link from another site.

Before I started up Explore Communications, I didn’t even know there was a tool called “Who’s Viewed Your Profile?” on LinkedIn – now I’m keen to see who has looked, and try to work out why they wanted to know more about me. I’m also keen to understand whether any of my actions – on LinkedIn, Twitter, on the web somewhere else or on this site – might have contributed to the stat.

So why the two peaks on the chart (pictured above)? The first was when I changed my main position on my LinkedIn profile, and the second was when the news was made public and an article appeared on the Australian media site Influencing.  

The process for me has moved from the macro to the micro. Before, I was analysing the behaviour of the company and our market as a whole, and attempting to draw broad conclusions and insights from the stats. Now, I have the opportunity to analyse every single action or behaviour on both sides of the equation.

It makes a refreshing change.

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