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Bring on the NBN

January 11, 2012

Back from holidays this week, and immediately into the thick of things from a work perspective.

I spent the past week camping at Jervis Bay on NSW’s South Coast, without mobile phone reception (let alone internet connection), which is the perfect way to have a complete break from work. (Pictured: Murrays Beach, one of those idyllic spots on the South Coast without mobile reception.)

However, that lack of connectivity has extended into my working week. My ISP’s ADSL has been down in my area for the past day, making things very challenging with a press release to issue for a client this morning. I’ve had to resort to using a 3G pocket WiFi modem, roaming through the house looking for the best spot for reception. The modem is flaky at the best of times, and throughput is at snail’s pace when it does decide to connect.

Not only that, due to the configuration of my various computing devices, I was forced to rely on an iPhone to distribute the press release. If anyone says they can do business solely on an iPhone over 3G, they are either stupid or pulling your leg. At least I can be grateful for the fact that iPhones now do copy and paste …

I also managed to (very painfully) add this blog post over the 3G modem – although thankfully not via the iPhone.

Bring on the NBN is all I can say.

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