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Transport for London Introduces Individual Tube Line Twitter Accounts

May 22, 2012

Last year, I made the suggestion that CityRail should tweak its social media strategy for its 131500 service updates. I thought the constant stream of bad news about the rail network was damaging to the CityRail brand. My suggestion was that:

“A better approach would be to provide more targeted and specific information to those that need it. For example, I’m generally only interested in what’s going on the Southern Highlands and Airport & East Hills lines – so it would make more sense to have a separate Twitter account for each line for me to follow.”

It’s great to see that Transport for London has adopted that approach, and now has a Twitter account for each Tube line.

OK, so we might not have the same volumes of daily passengers on each of our lines in Sydney when compared to the London Tube, but it’s still a sustainable approach, even with the NSW Government’s planned staff cuts for the organisation.

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