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Is media coverage reporting still important?

February 24, 2021

Yes – media coverage is an important gauge of the overall success of your brand, not just on the performance of your PR program. Sure, you can use coverage stats to measure the success of a particular campaign or press release, but it is everything else that is happening around these activities that are really interesting.

Your PR strategy should be all about building ongoing awareness in the market of your brand and what your organisation does, which helps to generates impetus and increasing inertia over and above the specific PR activities that are executed. The metrics captured above are from ANZ for one of Explore’s clients for January this year – typically a very quiet month for PR, given it is our extended summer holiday period. Also, no traditional PR activities were undertaken that month. It’s a great sign that the PR strategy and approach is working, that your organisation and your products and services are in the conversation. It’s giving your brand a life of its own in the local market.

While public and private sector organisations and the media are increasingly relying on social media to amplify their content, it’s important as a brand to maintain a healthy marketing mix – one that doesn’t rely too heavily on social media activity. Facebook’s stoush with the Australian Government is a case in point. We also now know that the algorithms being used by search engines and social media platforms are influencing what content we see. This is driving people – including your customer base – to source content directly. Those direct sources include local and international media outlets, your website, blog, videos, webinars, events, press releases and announcements, etc. A diversified social media presence is also part of this mix, but most importantly it is the social network – the people your brand is connected with – staff, partners, customers, analysts and journalists – who are helping to carry on this conversation about your brand. The manifestation of this includes the coverage you receive in media publications.

So, you can measure the success of a press release by the number of media clips it has generated, but that’s a very transactional approach. It’s better to measure PR success when things are quiet. Are people still talking about you when you don’t have any news or a new product to announce? Are you maintaining or increasing your monthly media coverage? What’s the readership like on your corporate blog posts? Are you adding followers and increasing views on social media channels?

Establishing a media monitoring and reporting service is a great way to start. Please contact us if you’d like to find out more.

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