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Explore turns ten

September 7, 2021

Explore Communication has turned ten! Like with a lot of things in life, it seems to have been forever and the time has just flashed by. I set it up with no expectations beyond creating a sustainable long-term business that would be the vehicle for me to “explore” new opportunities, and work with a diverse set of organisations and people. Looking back on the last ten years, I’ve had one-off projects, short-term and long-term engagements with more than 50 different client organisations. I’ve been able to prioritise and spend time with my family throughout, which has been the biggest benefit of all. And I’ve worked with hundreds of great people, who have been instrumental in broadening my professional perspective and helping to make Explore Communications a success.

It’s also given me the freedom to try new business ventures and explore (there’s that word again) new ideas. To date, I’ve had to put these down to “learning experiences”, but I’m really hopeful that my newest venture is destined to succeed. Born out of the heart of the pandemic last year and based on my personal experience and wanting to make a difference to the arts sector, Giving Culture® is coming soon! If you want to know more, I’d be happy to chat.

I posted Explore’s anniversary news up to LinkedIn yesterday, and I was amazed and heartened by the response from my community. Thank you so much for the lovely comments, and thank you to everyone I have worked with and who has supported Explore Communications over the last decade. I’m looking forward to the next ten years with great hope and optimism.

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