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Why the UN should buy Twitter

October 28, 2011

I had a blog post published on Open Forum today – and it’s not that I’m seriously advocating that the UN should buy Twitter – it was more to make the point that the greater pressure there is on Twitter to monetise its product, the greater the likelihood that the beauty and simplicity of the platform will be lost for good.

So who could possibly stump up the money to buy Twitter, and retain it as it is today? I couldn’t think of any other organisation apart from the United Nations to fit the bill (no pun intended).

The openness of the platform is what really makes it work. An obvious comparison to make is with the World Wide Web itself. Imagine if Tim Berners-Lee tried to patent and commercialise the web protocols he developed back in 1990 to run on the Internet …

“Over the years, openness of information has remained Berners-Lee’s guiding principle. That is why he never took steps to gain intellectual property or other commercial rights over the Web, as the international computing community came to realize its immense potential.” (quote taken from

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