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“It’s Like MySpace” (I Hope Not)

April 30, 2014

TwitterWith Twitter recently announcing its latest financial results, the prediction I made back in 2011 (before the company listed on the NYSE) looks like coming true:

“the greater pressure there is on Twitter to monetise its product, the greater the likelihood that the beauty and simplicity of the platform will be lost for good”

Twitter has had a great run since its IPO in November 2013, but in its latest results Twitter’s advertising revenue per 1000 views has dropped (to $1.44 from $1.49 the previous quarter), even though its revenues beat the market’s expectations and its user base continues to climb. A good summary and graph of the situation can be found on Quartz.

The really unfortunate aspect to Twitter’s future is that, with the company’s reliance on advertising revenue, it’s now at the mercy of the marketers. It’s a worry when you hear marketing directors say stuff like “It’s like MySpace – it’s just kind of had its heyday.” as they move onto the next bright shiny thing.

I just wish the UN did buy Twitter back in 2011.


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