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“The world will soon be full of cheap tablets. Possibly free tablets.”

November 26, 2012

HP TouchPad AdLast year, I blogged about the tablet eventually becoming just a vehicle for delivering content and having little or no intrinsic value itself. With the release of the India’s $20 Aakash 2 tablet, it’s suddenly a reality. Despite some misgivings about the device (for example, in today’s AFR), the idea is real that you can give the device away because you can make all your money on content. Here’s what I wrote back in August last year:

As the price of the tablet comes down, in a couple of years, I can see the content owners themselves releasing their own tablets. Imagine a Gourmet Traveller or Vanity Fair-branded device, that gave you access to the entire back catalogue of magazine issues, plus an ongoing, paid subscription to future editions, together with some basic web and communication capabilities. On your bookshelf, instead of a stack of magazines and newspapers, you just have a short row of tablets, their titles visible on the spine, resting on a charging pad.

Bill Bennett had much the same view in a post yesterday: The world will soon be full of cheap tablets. Possibly free tablets.

I wonder which content providers will recognise the potential, and give it a try?

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