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Where are the Custom Tablets?

April 28, 2014

HP TouchPad AdIt has now been 18 months since I last blogged about tablets becoming a vehicle for publishers, and having no intrinsic value of their own.

That post was in part prompted by a piece from NZ journalist Bill Bennett, and another post from Bill today has highlighted the fact that we don’t seem to have made much progression in this space at all over the past 18 months.

There have been glimpses of innovation – but not strictly from the publishing industry. Qantas’ own locked-down iPads are a great example of how tablets can be harnessed for specific, dedicated use. Australian State police forces have also been trialling dedicated tablets.

To Bill’s point, “the cost and effort of producing a great looking iPad magazine wouldn’t pay off for a New Zealand publisher”, but I can’t see what’s stopping a big Australian or international magazine or newspaper with a large and loyal readership creating its own dedicated tablet device.

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